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Where It All Started

Ground Zero began in March 2020 on a mission to promote all things rock/metal in Denver, CO and surrounding areas. A very short ten months later, Ground Zero went international. Still supporting, promoting and helping manage all things rock/metal, but on a much larger scale.

As we all know, living a life of music of any kind can be very hard these days. Venues, bars and restaurants are having a hard time even staying open through this pandemic. That's what we're here for.

Ground Zero Promotions, LLC strongly and safely promotes all rock/metal musicians, bands, bars/restaurants, concert venues and anything else related to the rock/metal community.


This vision started on a relatively small scale. Only promoting rock/metal interests in Denver and surrounding areas. It didn't take us long to figure out that there is a lot going on behind the scenes of the rock/metal community across the world.

Ground Zero Promotions, LLC wanted in on it all. 

Promoting started with the two amazing bands listed below. From there, we took off and started promoting for anyone and anything that has to do with the rock/metal community. 

Over time of seeing all sides of the rock/metal community  and having some fun with it all on social media, we came to realize that there are a lot of other people that could truly benefit from what the rock/metal community has going for them, if they knew about it. . .


Sin On Six was the very first band that we started promoting for. Anything from taking an insane amount of pictures and videos to helping design a massive 'SIN ON SIX' banner for their stage show, we've done it. These guys took a chance on us and we know how important the business side of all of this is. RJ, Pete, Randy and CJ are absolutely amazing to see live or even jam out to on ITunes or Spotify. They pack one hell of a punch and definitely make their presence known on stage.

Bound By Years and Ground Zero really came together during one of their shows at Herman's Hideaway. Not knowing who or what Ground Zero was at the time, we chatted it up with Shawn Gonzales and Chance Douglas for a long time after the show just to get more of a feel of where they came from. Some time later, our paths crossed again at Angelo's CD's & More off Broadway (right next to The Brutal Poodle, by the way) during the making of Sin On Six's video for their song 'Fading'. Chase, Johnny, Shawn, Chance and Dennis have really made a name for themselves within the community. 

Purge The Heretics was brought to us by our very own beautiful model, Corina Marie. Ground Zero Promotions got something special when Corina came on board. Instead of getting one person, we got a whole band as well as an individual. Click the link below to check out the amazing, one of a kind sound of Purge The Heretics.

Vance Hatfield aka Captain Metal has been an absolute blessing to all of us here at Ground Zero Promotions. Helping us behind the scenes as well as bringing us his very own project, Deave, Vance has fully supported Ground Zero Promotions.
Click the link below to see upcoming Deave events.









Tuscon, AZ based progressive metal band, Theocide, found Ground Zero Promotions and there was an instant connection between the two. Whether it was the heavy tones and growls or the equality within the band that drew us in, who knows. One thing we do know is these fellas rock. . . Heavily.
Click the picture to view their page and hear some crazy tunes. 
Stay tuned for more from Theocide.


We not only promote bands and businesses, but also individuals who thoroughly support the rock/metal community or are fans with a following themselves. Below are two of our newest additions to the Ground Zero Promotions roster.

If you are interested in becoming part of the Ground Zero Promotions team and are a fan of all things rock/metal, please give us a shout!


This young woman is the poster child for perseverance. She has had one hell of a ride, but nothing stops her from pushing forward. She's beautiful, feisty and fun and we are honored to have her on our team! Taci is currently a model for Circus Of The Dark Modeling and is probably one of the most free spirits that we have the pleasure of knowing. Everything she does is for her family and in support of her beautiful little boy, Ryder, that has been diagnosed with Sanfilippo Syndrome. To support Ryder, check out
Team Sanfilippo Foundation

Click on her picture to see some of her amazing content. 


KrzYMe93 was a very special find. On a complete whim, we messaged him seeing if he would be interested in featuring Bound By Years and Sin On Six during his live streams. Next thing we knew he was part of the team, helping us promote all of our bands, businesses and individuals all over social media. This kid is insane on Call Of Duty by the way!

Click on his picture to check out his content. 


Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you the lead singer of Purge The Heretics and one of the newest members to Ground Zero Promotions, miss Corina Marie! As an amazing friend and full supporter of what we are doing, Corina reached out to us and we immediately brought her on board. This beautiful badass is so much more than alternative/goth/metal pretty face . . . You should hear her death growls!

Click on her picture for more of Corina Marie and
Purge The Heretics information. 

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